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Put your money where the future is

Now is a really good time to be a digital solution company. Investments in digital health funding hit $14.7 billion in the first half of 2021 alone, surpassing all of 2020’s funding. As funding grows, so does the quality and efficacy of digital solutions and therapeutics – over 25 digital therapeutics have been granted market authorization by the FDA, with another 89 still in development. 

Healthcare has gone digital, and health systems that want to compete in a shifting landscape must make digital a core part of their DNA. We advocate for a “build, buy, or partner” model with our Members, and across the industry, more hospitals becoming venture capitalists for new digital solutions. While some investments may not work out, many others create long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships for the health system and the digital solution. While the path to become digital-first may vary from organization to organization, what’s clear is that health systems are putting their time, effort, and money into shifting from “doing digital” to “being digital.” How are you taking action towards your health system’s digital future?

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Visual of the week

graph showing digital leaders and laggards

Digital makes winners and losers. Those who invest in digital – whether they build, buy, or partner – will emerge stronger, driving revenue and growth, while digital laggards will get left behind. It’s time to lean into digital investments in order to survive and thrive in an increasingly digital industry. 

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