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Burpees, beauty, and big names

Your high-intensity workouts could soon be accompanied by a primary care appointment, as CrossFit announces their foray into the healthcare space. Birchbox, a beauty subscription box, will be sending more than makeup soon, as their new owners shift their focus to personalized health products. Despite one failed attempt at breaking into the healthcare space, Google has doubled down on their commitment to healthcare, baking health-focused capabilities across all their service lines. And Dollar General, a discount variety store, may soon be providing care in ‘health deserts’ across the country. Healthcare is in the spotlight, and it seems like every company wants a big piece of the pie.

Health systems have to embed digital into their DNA – beyond just releasing a solution and expecting results – in order to survive in the face of retail-first entrants, digital-first behemoths, private equity-backed disruptors, and aggressive payers seeking to provide care themselves. If your organization hasn’t started building digital into your core strategy, it’s time to start now. Let’s get digital.

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the interconnected building blocks of hyperpersonal care

7% of consumers switch healthcare providers because of a poor experience, translating into an average of $100 million in revenue losses per hospital annually. Creating a hyper-personalized care strategy that treats consumers as individuals can increase loyalty, improve care, and prevent revenue losses. These three interconnected building blocks – know me, connect with me, and orchestrate my care, should be at the center of any hyper-personalized care infrastructure.

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