Acute Care of the Future: How Health Systems Should Position Themselves and How Geisinger is Getting Ahead


illustration of woman holding graph showing 25% of pie chart

Acute care is on the cusp of a major transformation. New care paradigms like virtual nursing and emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and ambient listening have rewritten the book on care delivery — but maximizing this opportunity will require new approaches to care delivery and care teams, as well as careful navigation of ever-shifting consumer preferences.

In this on-demand session, transformation leaders from Danville, Pa.-based Geisinger Health System will share their approach to such changes and opportunities. You’ll learn the major trends driving reimagined care delivery, how leading health systems are adapting and how to position your own organization to deliver better outcomes, more efficient capacity utilization and better experiences for patients and clinicians

Learning points:

  • Geisinger’s transformation journey for acute care of the future and where they’re driving improvements
  • Key capabilities and strategic moves to survive and thrive in the emerging “new normal” of acute care
  • How to use capabilities like virtual nursing and technologies like AI and intelligent automation to drive more impactful, patient-centric and complete care journeys