COVID-19 Changed Perinatal Care: 3 Lessons from Leading Innovators

Hosted by AVIA

Join us for a 60-minute webinar to get smart on the future of perinatal care. Health systems know that pregnancies are make or break opportunities to deliver high quality, affordable care, and build enduring relationships with women, a group that spends 34% more on healthcare over their lifetime compared to men.

COVID-19 has made it even harder to engage, support, and satisfy expecting parents. 75% of women who are expecting or have given birth since March say the pandemic is having an extreme impact on daily life, citing isolation, concerns about hospital procedures and postpartum care, and a lack of social support.

Join industry experts and leading innovators, such as Priya Bathija from the American Hospital Association and Kevin Davidson with MemorialCare, to imagine a new perinatal care model, powered by digital.

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Featured Speakers

Sarah Carroll, MPH, Director, Center for Care Transformation
Sarah is a leading national expert in maternal and child health. In her capacity as a director for AVIA’s Center for Care Transformation, Sarah develops population health frameworks and advises clients on strategy, execution, and impact measurement. Her tech baby is Baby Blocks™, an award-winning consumer engagement solution for pregnant and new moms and scaled to over 20 states.

Priya Bathija, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives at the American Hospital Association
Priya leads the AHA’s efforts to guide hospitals and health systems as they promote affordability by improving quality and decreasing cost. In addition, she leads the organization’s work on maternal and child health, social determinants, and its exploration of innovative delivery and payment system reforms that will allow vulnerable urban and rural communities to ensure access to essential health care services.