4 Big Moves to Emerge Stronger with Digital


Studies show only 14% of companies improve growth and margin in market downturns*.

These winners act early and take a long-term perspective. With input from leaders across our network, AVIA has developed 4 Big Moves that will help health systems emerge stronger from the pandemic with durable, high impact strategies:

  1. Own the onramp: Win on access
  2. Hyper-personal care orchestration: Design an “n-of-1” view of patients
  3. Specialty care double down: Invest in digitally-enabled specialty care
  4. New work: Automate core operating processes

Join AVIA Head of Strategy & EVP Cynthia Perazzo for an overview of the Big Moves and how health systems can evolve from “doing digital” to “being digital.” Participants will learn how to:

  • Think creatively about data to reach patients and deliver care in hyper-personalized ways
  • Implement tech-enabled strategies for concierge specialty care delivery
  • Incorporate automation into back- and front-end workflows for operational success

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*Reeves M., Whitaker K., Ketels C. Companies Need to Prepare for the Next Economic Downturn. Harvard Business Review. August 2019.